Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Courage Move, A Must Watch Video Clip

Courage Move, A Must Watch Video Clip

This guy is articulating a very brilliant solution of our nations' debt and ongoing political malpractice. But, the trend shows that there is no politician that has the stomach to invest such a political capital!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Unless you tell and or fire your politician, a bold and egregious move for ordinary people; of which Americans are made for moments like this. Otherwise, if we miss the moment, my fellow American, we are doomed because economic shut-down is way far reaching man made disaster that will take many generations to dig ourselves out of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

It is wise to start filtering the welfare system, both corporate and social welfare. The looseness on the welfare system (corporate and social) is making some recipients to act-like and becoming vultures. It is biblical, "thou shalt not eat if thou dont work" and "thou shall be thrown to jail until he pays the last cent he owes". 

Government is of the people by the people and for the people. Founder never intended to form a government that is like Jesus who came to save the world or like God who we are obliged to worship. 

As Reagan said, get the gov. out of peoples' ways. Until we stop to worshiping government like it is God and not treating it like it is Jesus our savior, we are still doomed because first we are breaking the fist commandment, second we are becoming captives of the very institution that should and has to be ours and not v/s.

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