Friday, July 3, 2015

Independent Lens On - Neslon Mandela's Human Rights Rhetoric and His Controvecial Alliance With Gaddafi, Castro, Sadam Hussein and Arafat

With all due respect Mr. President, knowing what ANC is doing now (Sponsoring Of Recent Xenophobic Violent In South Africa) and the contents of this clip, i absolutely disagree with you, Legendary Mandela, here. Gaddafi, Castro and Saddam Hussein were terrorist sponsors and violated human rights to millions, let alone murdering possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Sorry pal, you are wrong here. I wish you were alive to see and witness how wrong you were on this, content of this clip.

These pals of yours denied rights to millions of their citizens. Sadly, rights that  you, Mr. Mandela, were denied for 27 years, but lucky enough to aquire them thereafter, and excelled to the highest office on the SA land. Were are the rights of those who lost their lives and couldn't speak as you here? I know you were politician and you have to twist and bend things for PR and optics so that certain goals can be attained for the greater purposes.

But, to do or say what you said here as many time as you did, is not wrong because that's what was done to you for 27 year. Your very important land mark document "FREEDOM CHARTER" was censured and twisted to keep you in jail all that long. I think that your rhetoric here allowed these dictators to stay in power and suppressed and or killing more innocent life. I bet you did not intend for these brutal dictators to keep on suppressing lives. I know for sure that life, gives us ways and means to make choices and we live our lives based on the choices we made.

Let's all be candid here, any life lost is never gonna be recovered. That's why life is precious and we're all endowed our rights rights by the creator, not human,  and born with equal rights. The choices we make in life define our rights; that the only difference among human being.

Facts and history will and is vindicating this truth. Wrong is wrong and right is right no matter who is for or against it.

This was Public Relations (PR). But, facts are remained the same. We are all human and not perfect by all means and or measures. Let's not sanctify the content of this clip because Mandela said so and just brushing it thru; but to critically think, analyze and scrutinize it as independent minds we all are.

Go Figure!

Note: Watch More links about Xenophobic Violent In South Africa. This was once the country that cried to the world that it faces atrocities, but now blind folds itself from brutal rights committed by its people, those who cried to the world's stage to get help. Shame and shame again for the SA government. Watch links to Recent Xenophobic Violent In South Africa

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