Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day 2015, From Fatherhood Life Academe

Happy Father's Day to all good, loving, caring and responsible Fathers in the world. Also today we would like to remember the greatest Father who have passed and now in better place, in Heaven, eternal peace with Jehovah.

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Fatherhood is the divine duty that makes Man responsible enough to attend and raise his children to grow and become decent Men and Women within the family, community and the greater society.

Fatherhood responsibilities/duties start when the new breathing life is vested upon you, sinking in your heart and stay as such until your last day under the sun.

Now, take care of yourself by staying strong,  focused and determined so that you can be able to assume your Fatherhood Life responsibilities. Status-quo, blaming other for your actions, living the entitlement, or simply becoming a dead-beat father won't solve a thing but adding more layers of problems in your life and sadly the lives of those you fathered with their mothers.

Remember that one way or the other, regardless, we all are the product of our Father and Mother. Thus, Fatherhood and motherhood Life (parenting) is indeed the divine responsibility. Take it with its seriousness. Amen!

Stay blessed fellas.

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