Thursday, August 20, 2015

One Thing that I Agree With  POPE FRANCIS is his new statement..

This is one of few things that I agree with
POPE FRANCIS. That is found in his new statement that "WHOEVER WILL NOT WORK SHOULD NOT EAT" (link This statement is also Biblical and crucial Universal Moral/Ethical Standard.

What you eat is paid for from the farm, to the table or drive thru. So, one must pay for all the chain of hard and dedicated work. "Paid for" means by form of monetary or some other form of reward system.

Thus, for anyone to expect what is worked-on by others without any contribution in the process, is what is known as free-loafing of others, parasite like so to speak. To expect anything for free, for that matter is the biggest sin and ethical dilemma thereof. Entitlement on things is bad and sin, to Earn things is good and right way of life.

Today's generation, we have witnessed sky rocketing rates of entitlement mentality among decent people,  people who can earn their ways in life without any problem. But, for whatever reasons, these people have lost their drive, enthusiasm and eagerness to self reliance and sustainable life. Why? To be continued....Good God!

However, this trend is even worse to the youngsters, a.k.a. "The Millennial". There is a huge generational gaps between the Great Generation to the Millennial. The Baby Boomers and X/Y Generations have strive to do better their lives than their predecessors. Indicators say, that is not the case to the Millennial

Therefore, if you are thinking how to get free stuff or feel you should get things for free, pull up your pants, role up your sleeves and go to work. God will also bless your work with good harvest. Amen!

Go Figure!

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