Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh Political Correctness!

Oh political correctness! I see no fear of God in it. But it subjects to put self-proclaimed people in the higher place instead.

Call them #AnchorBabies or whatever have you. The fact the matter is they are alive and well in this great nation or somewhere in the world.

But, what about recklessly #AbortedPlannedParenthood #Babies? Whom organs/bodies are harvested? Have you seen the new revelation of the busted machinery of Planned Parenthood?

Don't get me wrong. Abortion to save the mother or for the health reasons, after exploring other resources,  and with the #DoNoHarm intent is just a medical procedure. But to just harvest Babies for other reasons is dead wrong.

when are we going to stop this madness over political correctness in defense of immoral, unethical and illogical stuffs? I mean, we human have tendency to want to hear what we feel is right. But there comes a time we snap out of this nonsense and do thongs for a greater purposes than our own, for our loved ones or the greater good of the community/society.

Complementary link about our leaders today. It shows how we adults, parents, #FatherhoodLife, are sole responsible for the kinds of children we are raising at homes, community and society. If we don't even take our personal responsibilities serious, as leaders to the community, how can we lead such communities or expect the difference from the community members? POLICE DEMAND APOLOGY FROM REP. COLEMAN AFTER DASH CAM VIDEO RELEASED

Go Figure!

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