Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fellow Africans are Increasingly Victims of Fake Prophets

Fellow Africans are victims of religious predictors. A lot of Pastors are aiming for money  $$$$. Most women are victims of this careful tactic by these con persons. Be on the lookout. God said be smart, wise, talented and have faith in him-Jehovah. Don't just believe another human being blindly-false prophets. No one to father but only Jesus.

Anyone tells you that he/she needs your money so that God can give you more money, or somehow money will come to you as miracles while you just wait for it, he/she is a lie and false prophet. Chase such person out.

To believe such person is to be superstitious and Almighty God Jehovah is not superstitious at all. He is humble and kind, yet his word is firm and swift.

God said to us all human, that he sent us here in the earth to control everything in it under our watch.

He did not say that the earth and all in it is under the few and chosen one only i.e. self proclaimed pastors and politicians.

When you have faith to a fellow human being as he/she is the only one can take you to God, you falter to God as you have made such fellow human your God.

God gave you same powers as me and just about anyone else, including those self proclaimed prophets comes to you as chosen one. Well, you are chosen too, just as them.

You only need strong faith in God to realize that only yourself can drown further or closer to God.

It's actually a blasphemy. You have worshiped a fellow human as your God. You have attempted to #Bribe God. You have violated the 1st commandment. I can go on and on.... Go Figure!

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