Sunday, December 6, 2015

Even In Africa, Facts Do Matter

What President Mugabe of Zimbabwe has been saying and doing is the fallacy and idiotic propaganda to the low informed or uniformed constituency. I personally visited Zimbabwe when Zim $ was stronger as SA Rand and the country was shipping to overseas and African countries than now. Here, his personal agenda trampled the States Interests, he may be liked for what he did but it does not necessarily become helpful to the ordinary person for better future.

Good leaders delegate powers and responsibilities by form of a govern system that is inclusive from bottom up and top bottom with mutual benefit for the sake of the unified vision and goals. This seems to be chronic problem of many African countries. It is like cancer, it undermines everything else Africa is doing better. Certainly, polarizing figure like Mr. Mugabe does not help in this instance. Him and his alike should be selfless and allow their countries and Africa to grow as it should and get its share of the world market values.

The fact the matter is that there are lots of Africans owning land/properties in Europe than ever. Statistics don't often lie, at least to the realistic driven people v/s ideological driven persons. The more you know!......
Go Figure!

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