Friday, December 10, 2010

Somalis Bandits/pirates posing fear on the EAC economies:

It is about time East African Community (EAC) countries, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda, to roll-up their sleeves and deal with the great repercussions that Somalia Pirates are bringing; especially in this holiday seasons. It sudden me, as far as I ca remember my child-hood the joy I had during Christmas holiday, and now here we are in the 21st century, Somalia Pirates are holding hostage the holidays of millions of fellow EAC members. We cannot live in fear and allow few to feed in to our fear. Certainly we cannot wait for the west or even far east to come for our rescue because the pain and suffering Somalis brings in the region is far more painful to wait one more holiday, if not a day. To ship something that end of the world is doubled if not tripled in price for the past two or three years. This has tremendous impact in the regional economy. Thanks be to the Tanzanian BOT to point out this because the pain if felt at the heart. I was researching on price to send a container at home, EAC region, the price is unbearable. EAC we ought to be leader, especially to the matters that touches our very souls dearly. We have leaders, powers, motives, will and resources to oust these barbaric bandits and so called pirates. We can put an end to very people that jeopardizes our very existence, now that is leadership at crisis. God Bless Africa and EAC.

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