Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bravoo, President Bush Visiting Tanzania Again.

As seating US president, president Bush with Massai while visiting Tanzania 2008

Today, former President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush announced through his Facebook page that he will be traveling to Tanzania, East Africa for world AIDS day. Here is what his Facebook page says “President and Mrs. Bush will be in Tanzania for World AIDS Day tomorrow. President Bush and President Kikwete will speak at ONE & (RED)'s World AIDS Day event via satellite. You can watch it live at 10:00 am Eastern here:” (!/georgewbush)

I would like to take a chance and thanks President Bush for his tireless effort toward development of African Continent. He is the first US president to put a clear plan and policies of African Continent as US best interest. He used his presidency of free world bully-pulpit to fully engage American interests to Africa, unlike his predecessors, who became active in African affairs after their precedence. This is huge difference between president Bush and his predecessors. What he is doing now is continuation of his courage, love and care for humanity, especially in Africa. Africans loves President Bush genuinely from their hard for what he has done for them, recognizing that the president of the free-world can use his/her bully-pulpit to build up a momentum of advocating for the little one and the world to follow. He started with Sudan, now the oppressed of Sudan got their freedom and their own Nation, South Sudan, to exercise self governance. He joined President Clinton aiding Africa combating HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases and now the world is witnessing huge progress in Africa.

However, my critique for President Bush and all to do not become enablers of corrupted leaders of Africa who operate like cult, rather to stand with peoples of Africa and call-out corrupted leaders and their cult. Corruption that is resulted from poor governance and selfish leaders is making Africa the doom continent, even when wide ranges of opportunities are emerging all over Africa. Please Mr. President, teach them leadership skills and qualities, to become courageous leader of their people and not their deep-seated agenda and interests. Tell them like we say “we rise and fall together”. This concept is real but not understood by African leaders. This will accomplish your mission and your legacy will live-on longer than anyone can imagine. Freedom is the free-will we all got from God started by our fore-parents, Adam and Eve, and I’m glad you lead and live up to this very important quality value that every human being should have as it is God given one. As born-again Christian, your values, leadership, contribution to the free-world, and caring for humanity are greatly appreciated and sentimental for us as Christians and caring people to all humanity. 

I posted on my Facebook page the following, “That's really good for you to go there again. They love you so much down there, so do I, i saw everybody dancing and cheering you up. Teach them leadership and care for their people and how to build a prosperous nation with equality to all though. Karibu Tanzania Rais Bwana Misitu (Welcome to Tanzania Mr. President Bush)” We love you President Bush.

Read more on his 2008 trip to Tanzania:

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Anonymous said...

President Bush is the hero of Tanzania and Africa in general. His administration recognized Africa and it's thirsty for leadership and recognition by developed world. His dedication to Tanzanian and African has saved millions of lives and improved conditions dramatically. His leadership style, leading by examples, has implemented what bible tells us to do when helping needy person. Teach them how to fish that way next time they can go fish when they get hungry, in stead of coming back for more. God bless you president Bush and family.