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Human Services Ethic: Values Conflict Resolution Assessment (VCRA)

  1. I want to be very successful in my academics with a lot of experience in the Social Work/Human Service field; in order to work with national and international organization as an expert and self employed consultant. I also want to spend as much time as possible with my family and relatives and mostly I don’t want to leave them alone when I go oversees or traveling as my job involves a lot of traveling; and when I become self employed as a social worker consultant it will require to go live oversees for sometime, and leave my family here because I will be going to the disaster and broken communities and develop social policies.
    1. I solely decided I will pursue my further education while still working in the field and attain required experience. I’m planning to graduate sometimes next year and continue with Masters in Social Work and possibly PHD. As I’m advancing on attaining my further school credentials, the more I have less time with my family. Therefore I’m utilizing fully the quality time I have with my family right now without letting anything come between us. I discuss this with my wife, children, mom and siblings. Nevertheless, I have siblings and relatives working and live oversee as well. I kind like this because it is not something new to my family
    However, I do acknowledge that I will have less time with my family, and in the future I will have to leave them for sometimes and go do what I value and reach my life goals by sharing what I believe is best for people who are in need most, contracts. It is a sacrifice that I chose and I believe that it is a right c0urse. I will be able to come and see them or they come see me on the weekly basis, if that benefit package will be still part of position benefit.

    I believe that for me pursuing this value will not affect my family value as I’m still going to play the same role I always play, and the love for my family is still there. Also it will open up inopportunity for my family to be able to travel and see different areas and cultures of the world, like I did. This will enlighten them and shape them to make appropriate decisions in the future in understanding different cultures and wisdom to do not judge others rather to understand why they do what they do.

    1. (3) I’m satisfied with this resolution because I value both my family and career approach I have chosen. In order to be satisfied, as a provider and role model of my family I have to be financially and socially stable. In to attain financial and social stability one has to make sacrifice and work hard in education. However, I’m lucky that finally I see a way that I can pursue my life career and keep my family values with minimum consequences on achieving educational goals.
    1. (4) this resolution is very compatible with my basic ethical, principle and moral standard because I grew up been told by my parents, relatives (family), friends, and community leaders that education is the key to success; and I have see the results of their advice. However, spiritually it very important because holy scripts (Bible) says that education is a way of getting valuable information that gives someone knowledge about some thing, and that knowledge becomes a power.
    1. (4) My behavior toward this resolution has been very consistence since last year. I remember before my father passes, early this year, he insisted to pursue my education and reach my goals because he knew that I was hesitating to do so due to what I told him that I want to have close relation with my family. He added that I will be happy and my family will be happy if I pursue what I want to do. He said that how will I make my family happy while I wont be happy for not fulfilling my goals? It touched me, and now for the first time I see that I can do so and have my family stable.
    1. (4) I have though sufficiently in my life time about and carefully analyzed by though through all alternatives and options for this conflict. For example, 1999-2001 I was fully engaged in the programs that were to strengthen my credentials in my life goal. I had a charity company in East Africa dealing with Human Rights and support to HIV/AIDS infected youths, through empowerment, education and development programs. 2001 I worked with UN-Geneva Switzerland, but because I was far away I felt guilty that I had to be close by and be of help whenever needed. Therefore I dropped every program I was involved and go back home. Now I’m fully convinced that I can do it and I have to gain confidence by attaining formal further education and license to support my credentials.
    1. (3) I have given some minor consequences while implementing this resolution. The consequences I have experienced and guiltiness I had after I dropped every program that I was engaged in the so called love for the family is way greater than what I’m anticipating in the future. Because I was not happy and my family was not happy for me doing so as well, also I was not financially stable as I could stay with the programs. I was doing wonderful, and after I was just doing fine.
    1. (4) I see more positive benefits in the society and the man kind. I see positive effects than affects to the community. I will be contributing to the need people than before. Even if I wont get a position I’m looking for in the future, I can still use my education and contribute to the community directly, and this will also help my family. I will have assurance of stable income and support my family.
    1. (4) Not bad at all. The thought of this resolution is well supported by my family with 100% cooperation and assistance where possible. I use to feel bad when I was processing this thoughts and I shared my feelings with my family (parents, siblings, relatives) and deferent close people, such as advisors and friends. And they gave me a way to see this resolution and made me feel the way I feel now.
    1. (4) I will defend this resolution wholeheartedly because I can evaluate my past, soon after I dropped all programs, and compare what I have already accomplished to get back where I was. However, it my seem selfish because I’m now dealing with my education and secure credentials that can make me compete in the international level. But the process of what I’m going to do and functions of what I’m seeking is humanitarian and public interest.
    1. (3) I have planed and thought about this resolution very much and consulting many sources to make it sufficient and I’m positive that me pursuing my education and work the job I love will not severally implicate my family relations.
    1. (4) I think it would be a better place to leave, peaceful and in harmony. Because every body could take responsibility of what is happening in the world now and resolve it. However, it is unrealistic to do because this is not something that you can impose to every body.  That’s why we have specialization; we need doctors, engineers, philosopher, psychologist, social workers, politicians, lawyers, and so on; and all at national and international level. It is a personal sacrifice and conviction that calls entirely to do such specialization.
    1. (4) I’m not guilty at all. What I went through to come up with this solution has enlightened me to see and work on these values dilemma. It made me realize that some conflicts of interests can be worked on if one spend sufficient amount of time on them and apply wisdom.
    1. (4) I’m not ember aced at all, because I have shared with them this dilemma and we all went through it for enough period of time, that’s why I’m confident pursuing this resolution and with their support and blessings.
    1. (3) The have judged me to be consistence enough to achieve what I want to as a life time goals. This resolution creates balance of the values involved in this dilemma.  However, not too much because too much of anything is harmful. It will be harmful because I will not manage to balance family time and time that I’m putting through this resolution.
    1. (4) I feel and believe that this resolution is very much my value and I believe in it fully. As you can see above that I have gone though process of seeking the roots of the dilemma and formulate this resolution. The decisions I made to drop all programs that I worked on for years in implementing the value that is in the dilemma, had some pressure and influence from others, something that led me to manipulate my thoughts and did what I did.
    1. (4) I’m very committed to carry out this resolution because I have faith in God and as one of my core values; it will help me to balance these two values that also are the core values. If you refer back you will find out that my first value is Family, Faith in God, and education. Therefore this resolution is very important because it balances these values without escalating any dilemma and lead me to no sense of my core values.
    1. (3) I’m been honest because if you look above you can see that I went though a process that have phases and in a certain amount of time to come up with this resolution. Also I involved all parties that are directly involved in the dilemma and come up with true evaluation of these core values.
    1. (4) No regret at all because I did the right thing and I feel good that even my faith is indicating me to pursue what I’m pursuing in this resolution.
    1. (4) I’m confident that it open some ways to resolve conflicts, for example the attribute of “honesty” as a way of self evaluation on resolutions based on the values in order to avoid “self fulfilling prophesy” and polarize the resolution. I do have experience in conflict resolution and conflict management. However, as added knowledge I believe that one cannot help others if cannot help him/herself first.
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