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2013 Obama Clown Mask In The Missouri State Fair: Is This Neo-Racist Clan or Post-Racist America?

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 2013 Obama Clown Mask In The Missouri State Fair.  Is It A Neo-Racist Clan?

Now after all, since President Obama became the 44th US president, situation speaks for itself.  Pertaining the history and present, you are left to draw your own conclusion about current and future of race in America. Mine is simple, there is always the elephant in the room, racism in America because that is the fact and anyone that denies that is not sincere or rational about America at all. One can cry or dismiss this fact, but analysis is simple, study the past and present by looking at the correlations. It does not mean that all people are racist or one has to be politically correct, but just the simple truths about the conversations we have on the kitchen table and what aspires people to connect to the past in deciding and acting the we act both in private and public. It is only a single generation to the past of legalized racism and Jim Crow Laws. So dismissing it is loosing the eye to the ball and that crucial life changing conversations we all should have about race in America and shape a new prosperous future with unity as one people not judged by our skin color but our characters and or the color of our eyes.

Yes it is uncomfortable to have this conversation but it is necessary. We have to talk about it and get to know one another because prejudice and racism toward others is the misunderstanding and lack of information toward other persons. Make no mistake race does exist and not talking about it don't change the equation of its very existence, rather it builds-on the division that exist and mitigate the perseverance  of future America without negativity of race. Look at South Africa of today, through Desmond Tutu's and Mandela's Reconciliation and forgiveness movement is way better today than what critics thought of back in 1990's when Mandela was released from jail and lead his movement head-on. So reconciliation by having genuine racial division conversations, like President Obama's suggestions after the Zimmerman's acquittal, one can dismiss the way African Americans have been treated, looked upon, of judged in this nation, especially if such person is not of African American. Such dismissive acts and languages and general sweeping narrative on race without regards to the struggles and experiences of African Americans in the past and today is exactly what makes America post racial experience to look and test like an old wine in the new bottle. I understand that President Obama is politician and politics takes different role on moral issues, but the content of what he said is vivid and true, it does align well with African Americans and some other minority groups like Latinos and Asians.

I never thought that in the today's America in an official event in the majority of all Whites event and town, the US President who is Black is been displayed in this manner, as the picture and link above shows. I think from Obama presidency we took 2 steeps ahead and went backwards 5 steps. Look what is happening, from affirmative action, voting rights, congressional politics, campaign financing, immigration, healthcare and so on, everything from the GOP is no and no another alternative; it is a simply "denying" and maintaining status quo. In the today's world, no or denying without an alternative to the solutions of the problems that humanity is facing is directly suicidal for the humanity itself, and that is the GOP of today. Furthermore, in all Blacks or Minorities Events and towns, they dont portray a US president, minority or white/majority, in this manner, and I'm not suggesting that minorities dont have racial elements in them either because we are all human, we bleed, take a leak, smell, sniff, feel, cry, believe, eat, sick and deserve basic needs accordingly. It is just sadden me how most far-right wing have used all tools in their box, including vivid racial discrimination, to undermine president Obama; and I can dare to say that for the racist driven ideologues out there are so motivated by the GOP's application of this complicated tool in the today's society. It is that simple and no need to be politically correct to see or explain this scenario, just listen, pay extra attention, dont get influence by ideologies, don't generalize things/stereotype, and follow the trend you will see a huge difference of how things are done, said, portrayed, evaluated, analyzed and emphasized; and all the cooked work is hidden under the blanket of politics and ideology that players have to bet to differ, but never before in the modern era at this magnitude and in such meticulous strategies. 

Lawyers, politicians and pundits will try to spin this as as many may have done so, to seem that racist is not what they did or are trying to do. But, the truth the matter is they cannot erase the past by rewriting the present and future because past is the past. Thus the future is heavily depending on the past and present and cannot be spun because it will also pollute the future, and that is what GOP have done and keep on doing. We can only control the present to predict the future, but so far we know and can predict how we handle the present and may be the nearest future. For example the GOP just saying "NO" to anything president Obama proposes is predictable. What we have seen and learn, as past, are the simple truths and  facts, need not to be spun for a lay man to understand what is happening before our very eyes, when we conjugate the present and predicting/shaping the future. It is sad but also deliberating because the racist acts, actors and supporters are simply exposing themselves and it is good for America to see and witness what is hidden beneath the rugs or ideologies that violate the very nature of this great nation of all, the New World and Land Of Freedom. The racist we know are good for the progress of this nation's unity than the racist we dont know and or hide their motives. The racist who are public are the strengths of the genuine reconciliation and reconstruction of race-free America. A Swahili words says that "the devil you know wont harm you at the foulest", so there be.

As always the case, in most scenarios, been racist is the results of misunderstanding the persons that you are racist against. Thus, by-far, racists are not always bad people, they just act on their prejudices without restraints toward certain misinformation about the people they are racist against. To Paraphrasing this, is to say that all human being do have  prejudice elements, but most restraint themselves from acting upon their prejudice, something that make them to do not become racist. Therefore, it is imperative for us all to evaluate, analyze and critically think through before acting on the information we receive because information we receive in this globalized village of hipper-hi-tech can be misleading, impairing our judgements, life threatening and catastrophic to the entire humanity as we know it. That's why it is important to have conversation about race to mitigate racist acts.

No one with authority powers can speak of race in America as eloquently as President Obama. Ironically this could be and may be angering critics and or racists. Race in America is the double sword, that's why is the elephant in the room. We can choose to live with it but it will suck all the air out and we prematurely die or we can break the house walls and take the elephant out, then we will have to work harder to break and rebuild the walls that way we can live happily ever after, but we may never live to feel the life of happily thereafter but our children will definitely feel the happiness. The question is "are we that selfless?" or we are these selfish creatures that dont care about ourselves and others as we seem to be currently? We have choices as our past generations did have choices and they made theirs, we know it. Now it is time to make ours and the generations to come they can look back and say that our generation took on something good and saved the humanity, our legacy. 

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