Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shout-Out To Education and Getting Educated!

Information is an important part of knowledge and knowledge is power. Both acquiring information and getting skills and experience is to be knowledgeable and educated. Hence, Education is key to better life and to get educated is to acquire a disciplinary experience, skills, knowledge and information about something that is intended to improve and or develop the humanity in one way or the other. One can be book-smart without getting educated. Such person is someone who scores "A"s, graduating with flying-color grades, but struggles to to put in place the education he/she acquired in a meaningful ways, to improve himself and the humanity.  

Therefore, there are very unique people who accomplished graduate education/studies while working, taking care of their families and be responsible member of the society at the same time without any outside help whatsoever.  I salute and respect them and their endeavors, thus far. It is apparent that their spouses and children, loved ones, sacrificed a great deal in their partners' and parents' graduate studies endeavor. In this case, I salute my beautiful wife and kids for being there for me always and in this challenging time; and I thank the almighty God Jehovah for all he has granted onto me all my life as I'm pursing the end of graduate studies, tackling job related difficulties, be responsible parent to our beautiful children and be an active member of the bigger family and society at large. Prays be to God in trinity, Amen.

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