Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time Warner Cable/security Services Poor Reviews

I Have been Time Warner Cable internet and security customer for as long as i can remember. But lateyl Time Warner Cable has been watered down its services so bad to the breaking point. Their strategy is to call and rename their services some new hi-tech big names like "intelligent home security" or "standard or basic internet services". This is so bad even te third world countries in Africa have got good and fast internet services. Let me tell u about intelligent home security services. It entirely relay on internet and time Warner internet is so bad so the security module blinds every 5 minutes because the internet is dropping the ball all the time. Mind you that they install like 4 to 5 modems for just having the home security and internet. The level of dissatisfaction with Time Warner Services is so bad to the red red red red red flag. The upload and download speed is very low they lie about these rates all the time. Today technician did not only lie about the speed he blamed on the National Grid power surge causing my internet speed Low and groping frequency been high. How bafbad can it get? Im compute and hi-tech savvy and i neversee this level of incompetence and corporate voucher system. How could bad internet services blamed on National Grid? Do you have Time Warner Services? If so, share your experience with their services here in this replacing forum. Let's call them up guys, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR ) is the citizenship of organizations. In this case we can revoke Time Warner Citizenship in this forum. God bless you.
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Anonymous said...

TWC is big time corporate vultures. Be weary. Trust none and suspect all... Go Figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!