Saturday, March 4, 2017

Diamond And Silki Sisters

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Anyone remember how some of our fellow blacks said horrible things about Diamond And Silk Sisters for their early on endorsing President Trump? like as if they should never be independent, but that to stay in the so-called captivity of ideological culture6and norms. wow!

It is also worth to note how President Obama was criticized by fellow Blacks, over Senator Hillary Clinton, during the 2007/8 Presidential Primaries. Remember #RevRessyJackson and many more. Two wrongs didn't make it right tho! The moral of the story is, if you are not challenged and criticized, you've not reached the success threshold yet.

Success is about learning and growing, to do bigger things above and beyond one's self, and achieve a cause that is more than oneself. Persistent and resilience are the key to any success. Never say never and never let a criticism to deter you from success, rather, let the #criticism to reshape and teach you from the mistakes.

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Mind's a terrible thing to waste.