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My Grands, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and Relatives, I was not born yet.
My grands, father, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and Relatives, I was still not born yet.
Chagga Supreme Council, #7 is uncle and 1st cousin to my father, interesting!

CHAGGA people are Bantu-speaking indigenous Africans and the third largest ethnic group in Tanzania. They live on the southern and eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro (the volcanic mountain that is the highest mountain in Africa and second highest mountain the world after mountain Evarest). Mount Kilimanjaro is in the Kilimanjaro Region, its capital is Moshi, the Chagga Land. The relative wealth of Chagga people comes from the favorable climate of the area, also from the successful agricultural methods which include extensive irrigation systems and continuous fertilization practiced for thousands of years. Chagga people are one of the first tribes in the area to convert to Christianity something that may have given them social-economic advantage over other ethnic groups, due to better access to education and health care as that came with Christian missionaries.

However, Chagga as Bantu-speaking ethnic group, do not speak a single uniform language, but instead a various number of related Chagga dialects. Such dialects are Kiuru, Kirombo, Kimarangu, Kivunjo, Kimachame, Kikibosho and Kioldimoshi. Also Chagga people and their dilects are related to other tribes like KiTaita, KiTaveta, Kikisii, Kipare and KiKamba dilects which are spoken in Southeast Kenya, and Kipare & Kikahe which are spoken in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. 

Furthermore, like these Chagga related ethnic groups, Chagga Tribe and its area is traditionally divided into a number of chiefdoms. Mostly,  chiefdoms were established based on Chagga dilets as outlined above. These individual dilets and chiefdoms comprised the Chagga Supreme Council headed by Mangi Mkuu (Supreme Chief Of Chagga Chirfdoms). The Chagga people are culturally related to the Kamba, Pare, Taita, Wakahe, Kisii and Taveta tribes.

This demonstrates that Chagga People have had the highest level of civilization. Vivid examples of its civilization is thru its democratic self governance than any other ethnic groups in the Sub-Sahara region. Until today Chagga People capital, Moshi, is the cleanest and most organized/planned/designed by ordinance town, soon to be city, in the entire East & Central Africa.

Down Town Moshi, Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, you better love it.
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Highway to Marangu, Clock Tower, Down Town Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

The capital of Kilimanjaro, Moshi, also known as Chagga-Land, in Tanzanian is town with a population of approximately 144,739 (2002 census). It is hard to believe, but Moshi is often considered the cleanest town in East Africa. Job well done Chagga people, we rock and roll, the rest ought to follow the steps

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Anonymous said...

Job well done Chagga people. It is about time the world gets to reward the town/capital of the most popular region in Africa, Kilimanjaro.

Peter Liendeborg said...

I visited Uru Mnini 1987 Together with 2 swedish girls Emilie och Susanna. Familyfathers in the 2 familys were we stayed was Valerian and Marselian Masao. I remember the name of Marselians doughter, Bona she sadly died in 27 may 1988. do you know anything about them please inform me at
yoursPeter Liendeborg

Peter Liendeborg said...

I visited Moshi 1989 together with 2 Swedish girls Emilie and Sussana. WE visited the families of Marselian and Valerian Masao. I remember the name of Marselians doughter Bona who sadly died i 27th may 1988. If you know who they are please send me a message
Peter Liendeborg

DJ B-K. Masao said...

Yes, Peter, you with the girls were guests stayed with Uncle Marselian's Family. I was very young, about 12 years old. The place is now transformed since. But the landmarks are the same. Welcome back Peter.