Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop After Facebook Post” My Dude Right Here

This is the kind of father we need around this time. This era and generation is so hooked-up and dependent on the video games and gadgets. This dude reminds me of what my parents told me when I was a teenager that "to grow up, do what is the best, expect to take total responsibility of my life and pave my way to prosperity and no hand-outs, but the sky is the limit; or choose to wait and not listen to them as they were the only true love I had and face the world cruelty, wolf-like so called friends and associates to chew me up and spit me out like nothing". 

That was the wake-up call; this dude is a true father who knows best because he is preparing his daughter for the real world and not imaginary world that pilot parents pretend they can give their kids, forgetting that no one else will bow to their kids feet, lying to their children that they will live in a honey and butter world. It's the ugly truth that parents are the only thing one has to direct the right way of life; also, we make these kids become who they are by piloting them to the ‘’lazy’’ direction. A parent does nothing, no caring rather their children are in a good predicament or bad are the ‘’bad parents’’, the ones that are ‘’paying attention’’ and get active in their child’s life are ‘’dedicated’’ parents.  It takes hard work to be a leader and that is what parenting is, ‘’leadership’’. You can choose to ride the ship of slavery in this world or a ship to leadership. Kids and teens these days will pay for coaches, karate classes and personal trainers, but forget that the real true coach in life is a parent. A parent who, ‘’pushes’’ mentally and spiritually will not be forgotten.

 Trust me if your parents didn't care for you or did not love you, you could never be alive today because they did what is the best and based on their capability; and I'm speaking of not all parents per se or use this as blanket statement because we are all unique individuals. I would rather do what this dude did to her daughter to my children as compassionate love than a stranger who can care less about my daughter do that to her, let alone may be shoot her in the head instead of the lap top. Pilot (mom) parents around there, keep it together kids will get old and become men and women then independent individuals some day. Let them take charge today as teenagers because they will become stronger and experienced to the real world. No pre-K, K, elementary graduation parties and gifts because that is sugar coating the brutal real world out there that got-ya technique is the survival for the fittest.

Look at this link here to see the dude that I’m talking about:
Only out of touch elite wanna be parents can try to teach us how to raise our kids while themselves have no kids rather pets, and can criticize this father/dad. Concern parents need to teach kids how to act in the real world and this father did just that. Don’t be an elite out of touch parent or over your head in parenting; get in touch with the real world that our kids lives into. This dad/father is an IT specialist, he knew and could get around everything his daughter was doing online, that is modern parenting right there.  If you don’t teach your kids about the real world someone else is going to teach them and you may not gunna that. Keep it real with your kids now when you have some leverage now. This dude is the real father/dad and father figure right here aint no faking or making stuff here, he is involved and can pull some strings for real.  Once again you are my dude dawg, I applaud you man.

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This dad/father is an IT specialist, he knew and could get around everything his daughter was doing online, that is the modern parenting right here. Dont be a pilot parent or drive dad.