Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have a question? Who said that you are Christian? Yes I’m asking the reader? You call yourself Christian and that's all that really matters? Isn’t that so? I never heard of anyone going around asking for affidavit of support from anyone just proving that he or she is Christian or a member of any other religion for that matter.  For Christians, remember, in the Bible not all who shouts Christ's name and go to church every Sunday are true Christians, but you must believe in the trinity; and have faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain( Matthew 17:20). Don’t be like Thomas who did not believe his fellow disciples that Jesus came to them to reassure and reaffirm Christianity that he won the death and crucifixions. Based on Thomas story and him seek to see and touch Jesus’ wounds so that he can prove and believe that is true him, the holy Bible tells us that Jesus came back while the disciples were barricaded in hiding while doors and windows locked fearing of prosecutions, and he asked Thomas to prove his point and added that “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:26-29).

In this uncertain time, many have run speeding toward the Lord and many, as well, have set traps to catch the vulnerable that they are the only one can take the speeding vulnerable into Jesus. What I see is like having a broker, lobbyist, lawyer, specialist and or consultant to straighten up things between you and Lord God. For example, GOP prolonging the cloud that President Obama is not Christian or not American for that matter feeds into genuine fear of the weak speeding into Lord at these uncertain times and GOP comes as middle man who supposedly can straighten up things between them and the Lord. Otherwise that is none issues and should never be in the air for even a second, because if there was a truth in it he could never have been even State Senator and US Senator let alone the US President. Come on, even African Countries can pass such a small test of proving true identity although they don’t have even one percent of data mining that US and the west have got.  

As Christian, I believe that we are all conservatives by nature and the rest we learn through diversified experiences that characterize our way of life. It is all about perception and personal experience that makes us to choose what themes, procedures, ideologies to use when executing our daily actions. They say “don’t judge the motive, judge the action”. For example, some have used the Tea Party toward the same ways Liberals are using events and groups of people to galvanized power. GOP CANNOT say no for everything and expect to become leaders, not in the Bible, and not in real life; likewise Democrats cannot assume that somehow America don’t need to defend its interest by all means necessary (fighting wars, drill oil, build Nuclear Plants, extract gas, support trading, and back-off welfare system that is so overstretched and act like a trap to keep poor poorer and rich richer. The man is getting hated for ideology, ethnicity, policies, faith, social, and economic, you name it. The very thing that he is good at is that he was born to resist all that. He was born when  white and black couples could not get married, and all his life he navigated  through all that, don’t underestimate him for that because he has proven to be the master/sage of that, whether we like it or not. Just look at his composure.  

We all know that something you work for and paid for is always going to be treasured by you comparing to those that you were handed over. This is also true to school systems; look at performance in the private schools or those who are paying for it from their pockets, statistic shows they perform much better than the rest. So raise to top should be parents to contribute to the school spending by make payment/check to the school district based on income. You will see drastic change and improvement because no parent will waste money for a child who plays video games all night and bring zeros, likewise, a student won’t want to see a parent wasting money paying for his or her school whole he is bringing zeros at home, this is very good incentive and recipe to raise to the top. What I see is that America, altogether, needs to retool and lead the world, end of the story.
Bible eloquently teaches us that being Christian is not by event or sneak-peaking what you like or your friends like to hear and leave out the rest. It is a total reconciliation and one's self converge in the trinity as a whole. The problem with the GOP's so called evangelical is that they are getting caught up in the conundrums of power hunger and power struggle and at the same time they are assuming that somehow they are serving the Lord and their constituency.

Check this out, give Kaiser what is his and the Lord what is his and move on, the rest i will let my foes to dice-and-entice while I serve the Lord. Be informed and don’t personalize everything other than God, because you will be disappointed. We are human, remember, we are full of sin, conniving, faking, manipulative, power hungry, vindictive and you name it, human is capable of them all. Will never stop because it is nature therefore, liberate yourself free from all this by true teachings of Jesus and not by politicians or so called influential “Religio-Politico” figures who like to ignite fire so that they can turn it off and seek to become some sort of heroes, typical human aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, we the public are fusing these humanistic aggressive behaviors willingly or unwillingly. Remember that events like the balloon boy, the Kardashian conniving wedding, fake Reality shows and all stunts to seek celebrity are the fruits of what we feed into. These things could not be at this magnitude if we were not seeking more and more of them. They are giving what the public wants and that is the brutal truth that all people need to know.

I was invited in the Pre-K graduation party, seriously, I graduated my BS by just taking my certificate eat snacks prepared by the university and it was over. Something is really wrong with gift and rearward system to our kids. Some things are expected as children’s responsibility and parents to guide them through as parenting responsibility and not to do them for them. How are we preparing them to face-up the world and stand up for what America believes is our responsibility and how they perform these duties is their responsibilities, just like what the Great Generation and Baby Boomer did. No one can and will say that this is Obama’s, GOP’s, Liberals, Conservatives, or Dem’s fault alone, but our fault, all together as one nation under God. Until we come into such understanding and build up a common ground that can balance the “Religio-Politico”, economic, and social matters then we will be able to tackle the problems that we are facing together. However, we human are composed as individual and we are individualistic society, and that is what makes America great and most welcoming nation under the sun. The beauty is anyone can make it and shatter the glass ceiling that most motherland nations have put on us.

America is the nation of immigrants and we all came here to seek freedom and individuality that we did not have at our motherlands. America always come together and face-up the challenges that it faces, and history has always proven this right; from Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW I & II, Great Depression, Cold War, and September 11th the world has seen the American resilient and ability to seek and to forge ahead while standing uncompromised and firm in its values always. Clint Eastwood and the 2012 State of the Union Speech are having resounding effects both at home and abroad. It is because American people are prepped once again to overcome the manifested cloud of the economic uncertainty that need to be wiped out but this cloud is keeping one shifting and reappearing like ghost, it is like deja vu all over again. It is time for Kiser to take a note that it is given what it is his and now for Kaiser to be responsible of what it is just like the give assumed his/her responsibilities to give what is Kaiser’s.

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