Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI (2012)

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl XLVI (2012) New York Giants are facing New England Patriots in Indianapolis, Indiana. How fun, them Super Bowl parties are going to be? We gonna blast them. We can’t wait to see who is going to emerge as the winner. Emotions are high and exited at the same time. But also, them commercials are going to kill it. You better be prepared because they will rock your world. Laughing is fun and healthy because it releases stress. Also laughing is the ultimate happiness. It is inspirational for children seen grown-ups gather together, laughing and become playful. Make this Super Bowl stress free and healthy.

Super Bowls are the father and son Quality Time (QT). We are expecting to catch up with some lost stings with friends, family members and associates. Parties are arranged and there is going to be a lot of foods, snacks and drinks, of course. Super Bowl parties are fun and if you are father, Super Bowl can be inspirational to children, especially when father is watching Super Bowl with son(s).

Have you heard or watched “Fatherhood” commercial in the TV or radio urging men to become inspirational fathers/dads, sponsored by If you haven’t heard or watched these commercials, “take a time and be a dad”. They are cute and educational because they kind like remind us all that whenever we engage with young boy in a positive ways and teach them new things or do some fun stuffs, in this case like spending time watching Super Bowl while talking life experience, can be very inspirational and life changeling events.

We all need someone to inspire us in life as role model or inspirational. Since it takes a man to raise a man and a woman to raise a woman, why don’t you plan to become a role model and an inspirational figure to a boy if you are a man or a girl if you are a woman and use the Super Bowl party as in inspirational event? You don’t need special skills to become a role model or an inspirational figure to a boy or a girl; just be yourself and positive. Just Google them and see how fun and inspirational they are. Here is one of them, follow the link:

The truth be known, I'm rooting for New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI tomorrow. Giants, bring the Super Bowl XLVI tomorrow or there's gonna be some spanking for real!!!. Lol. It is not fun if New England Patriots wins because it will be too much repetitive. They need to face up some challenges. Team Tom Bradley, I have no hate for you guys but love; however, there comes a time you guys need stopped because you operate like machinery. I think if team Tom Bradley loose will bring new energy of excitement in the Super Bowl if not NFL in general.

Don’t get it twisted; I was for Tim Tebow, Colorado Broncos. I lived in Denver and John Elway kind like inspired me and many locals to love Colorado Broncos. Also Tim Tebow put some energy in Colorado Broncos so I felt the energy and love, although media and NFL became egotistic against Tim Tebow because he was unique and not the so called typical athletic rooted constituency. I consider myself Tim Tebow’s constituency because I can identify a lot with Tim Tebow and we need some leverage and representative in the sports. If you know what I mean. But hey!!!! Let’s all get some fun while watching Super Bowl. Go New York Giants, go get them. You have got our blessings. 

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Fatherhood Blogger said...

I'm so glad that New York Giants won the "Super Bowl XLVI" (2012) as i predicted. It is a great night for New Yorkers indeed. It was good game, Giants almost lost for Patriots. the last 1 and half minutes were very intense. I couldn't sit down because patriots were advancing and zero-in for a touch down. When New England Patriots missed to catch the ball in the last seconds, almost touch down, my heart was relieved and the game was over. Bravo Giants. You earn yourself a big pay and raise. you deserve it