Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday America


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 4th of July 2013 Albany NY State Capital District (Empire State Plaza) Biggest Fireworks, Pictures Preview!

America, today is your 237th birthday;
We are celebrating your birthday which is your proclamation of the declaration of the independence from the Great Britain in 1776;
It is a patriotic day, the day of self-liberation and freedom, and to all the peoples of the world;
It is the day when America pay its tributes and solidarity to its brave men and women who are serving and who have served the wars since the declaration of its independence;
It is the day that Americans wave the flags and decorate everything with the flag colors as symbol of saying “allegiance to the flag and the republic to which it withstand”;
It is the day democracy in the world (free-world) was born;
It is the day the rights of the minorities and less powerful were affirmed and protected;
It is the day that the world truly witnessed that every men and women are created equal and endowed by the creator;
It is the day that human rights and bill of rights was road mapped;
It is the day that rule of law was enacted and applicable to everyone regardless of anything whatsoever;
It is the day that everyone on the land had an opportunity to freedom, Liberty and the pursue for happiness;
It is the day that  the world witnessed the true power of the democracy to all the people through the idea of government of the people, by the people and for the people, which strives to forge the perfect union of the independent peoples;
This is the American dream, the idea that if you work hard and take right good risks, you will be rewarded;
It is the same idea that motivates and creates the most vibrant, ambitious, innovative, competitive, advanced, selfless, resilient and powerful society the earth ever seen and witnessed;
America, you have given your peoples so much, now it is time to give you back;
Let’s pull up together US of As;
God bless the United States Of America and may God bless you all;
 4th of July 2013 Albany NY State Capital District (Empire State Plaza) Biggest Fireworks, VIDEO

The Empire State Plaza
Empire State Plaza Fireworks sponsored by Price Chopper
The 180 degree Empire State Plaza Panaroma view!

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