Friday, July 12, 2013

Response To Sean Hannity's "The Politics of the Zimmerman Trial"

Sean, you have a lion share on Mr. Zimmerman's case becoming heavly political. Stop been like a baby that you did not contribute to this mess. You are acusing others for the same things you either said or did, and you think it is just okay. Where is morality? Where is your contribution to the betterment of this nation and society you claim to love? You too, do have a lion share for the ongoing division, but at the same time you are playing victim. It is amazing how you switch things up and uproot emotions of others for your very personal gain. That is very selfish of you.

Exchange sides here, if Zimmerman takes Martin's side and v/s, using the same provisions of the Stand Your Ground Law, Sean would be champion for the law as you are now? Have you done so? Marissa Alexander Gets 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot ( With Restraint Order against her abuser, fired a gun shot  inside her house for self defense against the  intruder, she did not kill him. How come she is jail for firing a gun shot? This should be the true meaning of "Stand Your Ground Laws". Sean you should have been the champion for this kind of case. 

Since to you everything is race, is it because this lady is black? Tell us it all Sean! You know it all! We should all listening you. Is Stand Your Ground Law for one race against the other or neighborhoods against one another and not the entire state of Florida?  Where is your championship for the Stand Your Ground Law at its fullest and not in this pathetic case of cherry peaking? Did the dispatcher told Mr. Zimmerman not to follow Mr. Martin? How come no one is thinking that Mr. Martin did not have the same right to stand his ground for someone who is total stranger pursuing him? Walking in certain neighborhood is been subjected to suspect by laws? According to you, you are asserting that certainly it is for blacks. What? Oh! he is black he cannot fear, he has no right, he look suspicious, he is gangsta, disobedient etc. That is how you are asserting by your so biased and political motivations vested in this case. You dont care the laws, you care to emotional reaction of your audience's indifferent and difference. You are a voucher, mixing people up for your personal gain?  Stop this mess man.

He killed the boy. No one has a right to take anyone else life. You cant make or remake life. Life is precious. Laws should protect life. I thought you and your audience are a pro life. Which life, you cherry peak them now? Are you God? I think everyone should keep their mouth shut, and understand that no one has a right to kill. I hope Mr. Zimmermen get free, and breath the free air that will always remind him that he killed that boy, and for what? He only knows the truth. Lawyers, judges and jurors cant render justice for sure. Because are human and have vested interest in each and everything they touch. Including me, my interest is to help you and your audience to stop and think, then play your role without keeping on overstepping. Jurors are not God as well, so as you Mr. Sean. Human actions, as Bible said, fools and empty minds runs into sinful acts, in this case Cop Wanna be, Mr. Zimmerman brought this case by himself. 

Sean, you vested in this because you have an agenda and you are cherry peaking everything, but also you want to dictate the outcome too.  You are a disgrace Sean, and your audience is disgrace too, pathetic  hypocritical fellows, who wont ask and petition you to adhere to standards of public speaking and been truthful or present the whole thing, or hung up on those questioning you. Worse thing America ever have in our generation is this Liberal and Conservative thing. It is not for the the majority, who are in the middle ground, getting caught up in the cross fires of these two radical groups' successfully pushing for the laws and public policies that ruin lives. You and them are just as political malice motivated as those you accuse to be. How ironic? You know the truth Sean, just as Zimmerman knowing the truth how he killed that boy. You know it and the truth will catch up with you and him, only if there is any consciousness left in you and him, of which i doubt it. God bless you Sean and Zimmerman. And may God bless these United States and all in it (not your so called Good Americans slogan only-that i view it as very divisive and ill rooted thought).

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V. B-K. Masao II said...

Mr. Zimmeman is "Not Guilty". He is free man walking. I predicted this because Jurors are not God to get into Mr. Zimmerman's head and figure out how terrified of his life he was to shot Mr. Martin, or how hateful he was to pursue and kill Mr. Martin even after he was told by dispatcher to stop following him. Lesson for all, "Justice" is about the process and not the outcome, that's why it is important to remember that only God render justice. We are human vested with interests that can make us biased. We also have principles, and when uncertainty linger around like this case, we cling to our God and faith. May God bless Mr. Zimmerman & family and Mr. Martin's family and the entire community to find peace that is vested in them. Let's all learn from our own mistakes so as from the mistakes of others. Life is the top Ivy League University with the cheapest tuition. Get educated.

Anonymous said...

I think the most important way to deal with the cases like Trayvon Martin, is to know ALL the politics, laws and regulations because Freedom is about being educated and well informed, as well as having self awareness. ''The Stand your ground law'' in Florida was there for a very long time and the people of Florida need to change it and many other laws that are crooked because there can be another victim very quickly. Riots and other acts of violence is not the answer.