Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mr. Zimmerman is "Not Guilty", Walking Free!

 George Zimmerman, "Not Guilty".

Mr. Zimmeman is "Not Guilty". He is free man walking. I predicted this because Jurors are not God to get into Mr. Zimmerman's head and figure out how terrified of his life he was to shot Mr. Martin, or how hateful he was to pursue and kill Mr. Martin even after he was told by dispatcher to stop following him. Lesson for all, "Justice" is about the process and not the outcome, that's why it is important to remember that only God render justice.

We are human vested with interests that can make us biased. We also have principles, and when uncertainty linger around like this case, we cling to our God and faith. May God bless Mr. Zimmerman & family and Mr. Martin's family and the entire community to find peace that is vested in them. Let's all learn from our own mistakes so as from the mistakes of others. Life is the top Ivy League University with the cheapest tuition.

Stop this race thing for everything. Invoking race on everything as a buffer for making a point or rejecting things is wearing out and it is misuse of human intelligence.  "Two wrongs dont make it right". Judge the person by the color of his/her eyes, otherwise color in human race has no significance. I never seen a White, Black or Blue or Yellow Person. Unless I'm color blind in real life. Can you imagine seen a White or Black or Yellow or Blue person? I will run away faster than a rocket. So colors we categorize among ourselves and that are not of our eyes are insignificant. I got brown eyes, i know people with black, hazel, green and yellow eyes and are of all race labels we categorized ourselves. These label should be right from the inception and because are not right, they are insignificance to human race. I should be called brown man, and blue eyed person should be a blue man, and black eyed person should be called black person and hazel eyed person should be called hazel person. Then our race could be significant and meaningful because you could find all kinds of persons with smiler eye colors and it is a true color too. Characteristic could make sense and a huge difference in human relations and interactions. All this White or Black or Color People thing could be wiped out in a minute. Our kids could improve and carry out the new legacy of human interactions and relationships.We are one "human race", period end of the story.

 I think the most important way to deal with the cases like Trayvon Martin, is to know ALL the politics, laws and regulations because Freedom is about being educated and well informed, as well as having self awareness. ''The Stand your ground law'' in Florida was there for a very long time and the people of Florida need to revisit all its laws based on their needs and in a civil ways. Riots and other acts of violence are not the answers or solutions. Life is precious and we ought protecting it by all means.

People are so lost, they want to change the world, but cant even change themselves. If this case was only in Florida's local news like most crimes, no one would pay enough attention it got. It starts in the home then the community, then the city, town, and state, country and world. There are stages to getting to know justice because justice is the process and not the outcome. Most people dont even know the laws of Florida and want to scream murder and justice. It is called States' Rights. States have constitutional rights to amend change based on their locally in the realm of the laws of the land. It doesn't work like that

Get educated.Also, the Bible tells us that if you plant corn you will harvest corn. To think otherwise, you are insane. Also Ben Franklin, the great thinker, said that "to do same thing over and over and expect different results, it is called insanity. The world has changed and change has come, those who are resisting  it, the earth is shifting beneath them. As charity starts at home, also civility and community service start at home, your neighborhood, community and the society at large. If you teach your kids to become good citizens, 99.99% they will become good and law abide citizen. If it is not in you then certainly you will not get it somewhere else, so start to look and change from inside. So many black people die in the hands and community of black people. What are we doing about it? Start to change now, dont wait for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes (a Swahili say). A good family, neighborhood, community and society are built and maintained by the responsible people live in it and v/s are for irresponsible people live in it. Facts! You see good things, someone worked hard for the and dont take them for granted without respect (also a Swahili say). There is no miracle to it and certainly blame game or scapegoating cannot produce good results, rather hard working and critically thing in a responsible ways. Go Figure!!

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V. B-K. Masao II said...

The Founding Father and Statesman, Benjamin Franklin said that "The Declaration of Independence only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself". If you are waiting for it and not pursuing it, then you are lost in translations and meanings. Keep on waiting for it until you grow roots, branches , flowers and seed; and blame others for everything because you will have a lot to blame because you are lost in translations and meanings. Go Figure!!!

V. B-K. Masao II said...

What if Trayvon had called 911 in stead of his friend/the girl? His voice could be analyzed and the outcome could be different. Lesson learned is that African American distrust of the system will always results on more disadvantages among them. My father told me that "if i oppose the system, the system will reject me". He went on and said that it is like feeding white sand in my mouth, the results wont be the same with feeding it with white sugar, although they all look the same. So let's learn to donnot confuse things because wrong perception can have catastrophic results, both ways of the Trayvon and Zimmerman case analysis and case contents are teaching us something significant. Go Figure.

Anonymous said...

Information is knowledge, knowledge is power. Seek information and attain knowledge. Get involved and engaged in your local community. Attend city council and town hall meeting regularly. Know how local civic system works because these are things that affect your life directly, Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B are not important in your life or affect you directly as local civil engagement andrullings; rather just entertainment, leisure activities. Unfortunately life is not alkaline leisure, having fun, do things you like only, wait for others to always do things for you and things of such nature. Life is serious, sophisticated and complex whole of away of things, of which leisure is just tiny part of. It is like this, if Uru don't want to do something, when someone else does it for you, the chance is that you may not going to like it. So as the way civic laws and ordinances are done in your community. Go figure!