Monday, July 8, 2013

How Can Tanzania Respond To The Attention That Is Getting From The World's Largest Economies?

US President Barack Obama (2nd L) and former US President George W. Bush (L) bow their head on July 2, 2013 during a wreath-laying ceremony for victims of the 1998 Embassy bombing at the Bombing Memorial at the US Embassy in Dar Es Salaam. Bush is in Tanzania for a forum of regional First Ladies, hosted by his wife Laura, which will also be attended by First Lady Michelle Obama. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

How Can Tanzania Respond To The Attention That Is Getting From The World's Largest Economies i.e. US and China?  This is valid question for every Tanzanian to ask himself or herself. No doubt that Tanzania has received huge attention from both China and the United Ustates of America. Make mistakes, these are the world's largest economies and economic powerhouse of the global markets, although their ratio and magnitude is hugely varried, Tanzania is in the middle of it and no doubt about it at all. 

 What is in Tanzania among all African countries? The new Chinese president first tour, sometimes in March 2013, was in Tanzania. The first president to meet with President Obama at the White House after 2009 inauguration was the Tanzanian President Kikwete. Soon, three months after the newly selected Chinese President visited Tanzania in March of 2013, early on July 2013, the US president Obama nad First Family with former President Bush and First Lady Bush were in Tanzania for state visit. Them, meeting in Tanzania at the same time is a symbolic and huge delegation for such as small country and it is not by accident at all. It was well calculated and planned vist that bought so many people, Tanzanians, in the streets to receive the son of Africa, President Obama whose originn is divided in both Kenya and Tanzania, patrilinial ancestral tracking records validate this point. 

Also, in 2008 President Bush as seating president with first family met with former US president Clinton with former first family and billionaire Bill Gates in Tanzania. Whereby seating US President Bush stayed in Tanzania, the third world country, for good four days. That put US signature and endorsement of its physical presence in the soil of Tanzania. It is like American politicians have made Tanzania their second home, and they are warmly welcomed. 

What Tanzanians are saying is that whatever that is in Tanzania, attracting Americans like magnetic force, is good economics and good politics. They  love America and no doubts about it. It is obvious that American culture has great influence in Tanzania and its people. Jay Z, Will Smith, 50 Cents, Beyonce, Omario, Lill Kim, Mary J, and so on have visited Tanzania numerous times and they love it.

However, what is need now is more of George Bush, Obamas, Clintons, Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth and prominent democratic and respected high profile figure do more business with Tanzania and put Tanzania in the chart. Tanzania need to be in the world stages for growing economic and democracy that is so need in  East Africa and African Continent

Tanzanians now, can agree or disagree, but the fact is there are some challenges and changes that come with spotlight of the world stage arena. Tanzania, like all other countries, is not perfect and never it will be, unless one has wishful thinking of the ferry-tale. But, Tanzanian Leaders need to understand that good publicity is good politics and good economics; they need to act quickly and strategically. No business in the world gets its lion share of the competitive world markets without intensive publications and promotions. That is also true when comes to the world's players, they also do publicly campaign and publish themselves. 

For example, look how countries compete to host the Olympics and World Cups. Countries go even further to bribe so that they can host these events or do business with US. So, Tanzania and Tanzanian should be proud of getting the attention of the world's super power and should capitalize on that to gain good standard of living, advance in business, improve the economy and care for its people. No country on the earth is powerful economically without doing business with America, that includes including China, which is the second largest economy of the world. That is just plain fact. Therefore Tanzania, by all means should keep itself in business with America, if it really want to progress. That will be a pragmatic and strategic views of an exemplary leader or successful business person that want to grow and main actor in the competitive world markets. 

Contrary to this view, it will be considered as Squeaky Wheels voices. They will complain for just about anything. For them if you do you die, if you don't you are doomed. And that is not the way of becoming successful leader or nation. Rather, good leaders/nations see the need to be pragmatic and fact driven people; and will look for what works and run with it regardless. Because of their inner driven optimism to success, and not listening to the squeaky wheel noises. It is now the choice of Tanzanian, to act or to waste this opportunity that many in the world will die for. Tanzania need a strong leadership that can stand for the Tanzanian interests, and not puppets who will sell the national treasures for self gains. Exemplary leadership means to lead by examples, lay the foundation for others to follow, be ethical, be truthful, be responsible for the people you are leading, taking ownership and strive to do just that no matter what. Tanzania must deliver, or it is doomed and dead. God bless. Go Figure!

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