Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2nd Presidential Debate, October 2012


Listen!!!!! If it sounds so good to be true, then it is. We know Obama and we have seen him. Romney and Ryan:- Voucher on Medicaid/SS as cure for the entitlements, Voucher system as solution for the education, ER as healthcare plan, Self-deportation as comprehensive immigration plan, unregulated Wall Street as economy financial plan, tax cut for the millionaire as economy plan, drill baby and coal without environmental concern as energy plan, Sells-man words as credible pitch for leadership at critical times, war and threats as foreign policy, new-one-today that TO HAVE 2PARENTS is the gun control plan, and writing off 47% Americans as irresponsible citizens, then America will follow the Bain Capital strategy of doing business. How did that got the employees and communities??????????? Few investors benefited chunk of salvaged companies/industries.

Because these are his promises and just like Obama and his promises, Romney too will deliver his promises to these various people he has promised, and that is not me or you. Unless he has no core belief, he will say anything to anyone to get elected. Which one is the Romney who wants to be president of the US of A? I bet you know Obama's positions and records on these things. Is not like we are in good times, just 3 years ago we were expecting to go under, economy meltdown, the greatest recession of our time, losing 800,000+ jobs a month. Now we are making at least 100,000 jobs. No thanks to GOP who while Obama is scrambling to deal with the economy, jobs and running the nation, their number one job is to defeat him, Obama. They became the part of "NO" and obstructionism for everything Obama said. Now they are acting that they are for you, but hey, no even $1 tax increase to the Rich to cover the debt, but Ryan is for cutting your Pell Grant, deductibles,  Big Bird/PBS, your planned parenthood, your healthcare, Your Medicare, your Medicaid,  your earned Social Security, your local public jobs and you name it. Even Romney admitted today in the debate that "My party defends the rich". GOP is for the rich. Is he going to change his positions again like all the other issues?
It was reveling that Obama has transcripts of Him At Rose Garden the day after Libya Embassy attack pronouncing the attack as Terrorist Attack on America!!!!!! This fits well with Obama analogy that Romney SHOOTS FIRST AND AIM LATER. Did you see Rooney's face????????

Did you see the Angry Romney when he went on Obama's face about retirement investments? I thought he was going to punch Obama on the face how Angry he looked. It was macho man kind of Move!!!

Is Romney Lying that Obama did not say Libya terrorist act is an act of Terror? Because Obama Said in his face that Yes!! The next day He said at Rose Garden that Benghazi was an act of Terror. Romney mouth was left open.  By the way, what is Romney's Foreign Policy??????????????????????????????? We know now that Obama is tough, can and did deliver on them terrorist. But we also know that Romney "SHOOTS FIRST AND AIM LATER". Look at Libya Twist. Obama announced in the second day AT ROSE GARDEN that it was indeed the "TERRORIST ACT"

Who is Romney to tell Free Americans to get married? He is going to force all American to get married by Law, thru legislation? How does that going to prevent use of automatic military guns and mass shooting? What does he think he is talking about? Which Mitt do you like? I like the new Mitt. Sometimes we give credits to politicians where it is not earned and super-size them as bright while are as dumb as anybody else. No need for more law than second amendment, it is not about gun control but peoples’ control. However, military weapons should be kept in the military because we are going to hunt animals and shoot targets as sportspeople, common sense people, politics aside. Practical means can resonate. But I can’t figure if is real or dummy. Help me please!

Thank God? It is the unpaid tax cut and unregulated Wall-Street that Romney is championing for got us in to this messy from the first place. I dont like some Obama policies, but certainly Romney's policies are the scary Halloween nightmare. He is a sells man, but his deal is so sketchy to the American People. Not now. We gotta buy-in this "Forward" thing that will give us "ECONOMIC PATRIOTISM". It is too risky to change the pilot in the middle of turmoils, plane may gonna crush and we will not forgive ourselves, even Romney himself wont take such a deal he is selling to the American people. That's why he is "SHOOTING FIRST AND AIM LATER", or say anything to anyone, highest level of flip-flapping.

God Bless The US of A

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