Friday, October 26, 2012

GOP/Conservatives/Republican Control Over Women Through Hypocrisy Of Faith and Values

For all GOP, Conservatives and my fellow Christians, who we all believe in God and trinity for the better days in the life after death which is the eternal-peace, please understand, democracy is not a religion and rape or abortion is not the only sin our Lord Jesus died on the cross, crucified, for. Such hypocrisy and soft barbaric dominance of women as properties is sad to experience in this day and age. If you are not a family member (including a relationship between the subjects-a man and woman) or a woman herself, then who are you as politician(s) to make decision on a pregnant woman? Are you a professional licensed OB/GYN doctor? If not, then who are you to impose your faith and beliefs on to others? I thought we are living in the free country where everyone has a right to belief even if it may seem wrong belief to others, but it is a personal belief that should not be imposed on to others through a rule of law. People believe in whatever they believe.

For example, Jesus asked the bystanders who wanted to stone the prostitute woman that whoever felt was clean from all sins should be the first to pick a stone and throw at the prostitute woman; instead the crowd dispersed and left the prostitute woman well and alive. It means they all had some kind of sins as per the Ten-Commandments, so do we. Now, ask yourself the same question to you so called Christians, evangelicals, conservatives, GOP and Republicans, if you feel you are clean and don't have any sin whatsoever, then be the first to prosecute your actions toward all women who are victims of RAPE, INFIDELITY, PHONICATION, ADULTRY, SICKNESS, PHYSICAL/BIOLOGIAL/PSCHOLOGICAL/DEVELOPMENTAL Diseases that makes pregnant woman have deadly health problems if they continue being pregnant and all sorts of what you call sins they commit to become pregnant and wanting abortions. It is sad to see our sisters, moms, daughters, aunts, wives, grandmas and nieces going through such an insensitive male dominance that imposes cruelty on all women as if women are some monolithic objects without feelings and or value to our communities. Remember, in each and every strong and successful man (leader and heroes) there is a woman input behind him, this is biblical term by prophets. 

The reason I’m interested in this topic is because the GOP, Conservatives Republicans and my fellow Christians have consistently run with this issues of anti-abortion and rape to women as if is the only sin that exists under the sun. They are operating in a style threaten women independency and they have articulated vicious laws that designed to literally control a woman body and make them, politicians-mostly men, to the place of God the creator. When they mention of values and faith, they have assumed a position of God to dominate women like properties. It is not far from what middle-esteem fanatics does, except here politicians have use more acceptable languages and main stream faith and beliefs to better sweet their carefully calculated language. They have used legal scholars and proceedings to push their agendas. Middle-eastern extremists, on the other hand, are using force, barbaric tactics and terrorism to control women. The issue I’m asserting here is the notion that men are trying to control and dominate women, regardless of tactics, it is wrong.

I grew up in a family that are very conservative, faithful Christians yet enlightened and wise. My father was Roman Catholic and my mom is Lutheran. These two denominations are historically rivals and one could not marry the other without converting to the either denomination, and acceptance is always an issue. So my father and mother chose a high road of marrying through the justice-of-peace, we call it “Bomani”. But they kept their independent faiths and values and we, children, follow one or both values and faiths. We grew up like that and yet, we are very good Christian. I was an altar boy up to 14 years going to church every day, but also I was going to Lutheran bible studies and teaching. This is what made me have the faith that is between me and God. If my parents could not impose their faith on to me, certainly a just fellow human being cannot regulate my faith or impose it to me and my offspring. That is also true to my children, grand-kids or any woman I related to. I don’t want to see anyone impose his/her faith to my sister, daughter, granddaughter, you name it. This is where I’m coming from to question, if the Gospel of Jesus was about rape and abortion only.Certainly, it is not true and I would like to add that there is no one is perfect under the sun. Judge not, leave it up to the almighty God who is the creator of the universe and heaven, period.

How about all GOP and conservatives to go tell them rich people give their wealthy to the poor and follow the way of Jesus? Or to pay their fair taxes as Jesus call for all to give what is Cesar’s to Cesar and what is God’s to God? Or to car for all humanity with dignity and love by helping the poor and not to cut funding to the neediest? And Follow the Ten-Commandments by the Book/Bible? Then they can come preach to the rest of the world that they are immaculate like prophets and can impose such values and beliefs onto others. But, the revelation said that it is difficult for anyone under the sun to be perfect, means, clean from the sins. That’s why God gave us his son, after we crucified him on the cross; he gave us the Hilly Spirit to salivate us from hell and traps of devil. Jesus said it is difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God because they tend to worship worldly things through greedy and worship their wealthy than God. There is no impartiality when you come to God. 

NB:  GOP is for "exporting and imposing democracy and values onto others" according to Rush Limbaugh Tuesday 10/23rd after 3rd Presidential debate., responding to Mitt Romney's remarks during the last debate. But Texas AG is refusing to have external observers who want to make sure that there is no Voters-Suppression, as historically, minorities in the state of Texas have record of been disenfranchised. Source:

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