Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin For Truth???????????

Get Ready America!! For His Secrete Deals, Plans and Behind closed doors promises. He is going to stick it into you the middle class so bad cause your are hardened to pay attention; and it is going to hurt badly. Remember the math you lean in school, Arithmetic. Do your math and make decisions, or someone else is going to do it for you if that is what you want. Don't complain later for your amnesia. Look back where you came from and focus by contemplating the road ahead of you. If it sounds too good to be true then it is. You go figure, American People.

 Sean with truth???? I have listen to Sean, Rush and Mark for 7 years now, every day, nothing truthful about these three man. Entitlement Talk Shows?????? It is pondering and indoctrinating others to political cause in the name of Jesus, just like Taliban and fanatic Muslims exploiting minds of poor minded people. Why so educated wont bare to even mention these three guys names????????????? I have Master's degree level, not to talk down to none college educated, but education is Knowledge and knowledge is power. I wonder why Romney Ryan want to cut PELL grants, Medicare, Government jobs, Healthcare, Social Security and cut funding for PBS which is an educational programs and cost 0.00001 of DOD spending? These are all jobs they have already cut all across the board, the conservatives states, and tributes to the huge number of unemployment that they blame Obama for. They are your jobs affecting you in person and the communities around you. They should take responsibilities for that added employment since they took office, but no that apply only to Obama. You see the double standards and how they want to apply certain rules for themselves and some for others? They dont want you to gain knowledge.

For same reasons the elites used legal proceedings to kill Jesus and John the Baptists because they were threatened by them. They are afraid of you getting knowledge and then you will be powerful. Since before Jesus it is the same thing that causes chaos in humanity, power struggle and control over one group to another. Be wise, get educated, get informed and get enlightened. Not from me, it is from the book of Proverbs in the Bible. So ask Sean, Rush and Levin that, and tell them who do they think they are? God? Then if not, you are destined to do and think as you please, enough of their indoctrination. Everyone has bad and good and that is all matters. every one in America is as American as the rest of us and that's all matters, everyone need to have opportunities as the rest of us and that's all matters, everyone has equal right as the rest of American and that's all matters.

Enough with this foolish about so Good Americans than others and bull crap. These guys are as bad as the rest of them and can be good as the rest of them. They dont have two heads and certainly they dont have two hearts. Who are they to tell us otherwise of what we see, feel, know, touched, experienced and or sense? Who do they think they are????? Illuminati? They are advocating for economic fascism, sketch deals to the public. They were in the air that Bush cuts will help us all, I remember that, listening to them as sells men for that pitch, and social security too. How did that turn out? Think if Bush had gone away privatizing Social Security??? These are people sells words. These guys dont manufacture a damn thing than sells words on the radio and TV. Is that economic incentive for America to grow?

Grow up and ask yourself who are you pitching to be your leader, role model and certainly your inspirational for the life you are living under the SUN because life is short and precious. No one ever remade life, including these two folks who play center peace of your life. Be you and only you with your God. Dont thank me or anyone for that matter because you need to thank yourself and your God in secretes. To do otherwise is to cast out God in your life and Satan will get you always through the gates of hell. May God bless you all Free Americans and May God bless the US of A's.

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