Friday, October 26, 2012

A study shows that America has the highest maternal death rate of any industrialized or developed nations.

A study shows that America has the highest maternal death rate of any industrialized or developed nations. The study further that America comes behind the 30 developed countries for mothers’ well-being. “An American woman is more than seven times as likely as one in Ireland to die from pregnancy-related causes and her maternal death risk is 15 times that in Greece” (Duel, 2011), report said.

What is sad about this report and compare with the retail and general election politics is the gruesome reality that “only three developed countries - Albania, Russian and Moldova - had a worse maternal mortality rate than America” (Duel, 2011), as reported by Save the Children Study.

The study graded America the 31st when comes to the Mothers’ health. It came behind countries like Estonia and Latvia, when compared to “its under-five death rates are behind 40 other countries at 8 in 1,000 births” (Duel, 2011).

It is sad that an American child is consequently twice as “likely as a child in Finland, Luxembourg or Singapore to die before reaching the age of five” (Duel, 2011).

Furthermore, the report said that only 58% of US children get registered in pre-school. This is true; my employees for more than two years all have day care by family members and or friends. I take my son who is 3 years old to Pre-School 3 times a week and I pay arm and leg for it. I pay more for his pre-school than what pay for my daughter who is attending kindergarten full time at Private Catholic School. With such record, no wonder this report indicated that America becomes the fifth-lowest country in the industrialized and developed nations on the Pre-School registration.

Lastly the study indicated that America is least-generous offering the maternity leave. It is trailing the employers’ policies on Maternity-leave compare to any industrial and developed countries. The report said that when America was equated to both in terms of duration and per cent of wages paid, America also trails the developed and industrialized nation (Duel, 2011). This could be one of many reasons and underlying factors that America is doing so poor on women, mothers, pregnancy and child health care when compared to the fellow industrialized and developed country.

Healthcare that is driven by markets tend to focus on money, profits and who haves. But healthcare that is driven by patient-provider will tend to focus on patients well-being. This is true on Medicare and Medicaid; they have better results than private health insurances. If Medicare is producing good health and has quality care then why should we trust markets? Then we come to question the moral judgment of leaders like Romney who would like to put patients to the mercy of insurance, and he won’t tell us what is wrong with his MA universal healthcare for all, when he opposes such model to the entire nation, Obama Care. The only words from his mouth is “Trust Me”. How can we trust you with such conflicting record, reckless behavior and extremist make over you have undergone? How can American people trust you and you don’t trust them with your TAX RETURN?


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