Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama Won The 3rd Debate and Romney Conveniently Confused Us Again

Obama-Romney 3rd Presidential Debate October 2012
By far Obama won this debate for taking leadership and been vindicated for making unpopular yet-critical decisions for America; and the new Romney showed up and conveniently confused us all about Who He Is and What He Stands For, by walking away from all the positions and decisions he has made in the course of this election campaigns. It wasn't the Romney we knew, heard and seen before. Romney conveniently denounced everything he stood for all along from the primaries and now he is endorsing Obama to unseat him from the presidency. How wearied? It was like Obama debating on himself and his conscious-self. This was unmasked and masked Romney who in one minute agreed to what Obama is doing and next minute disagreed and didn't stood up for what he has lived up for in the entire campaign/election season. He is conveniently Fillip-flopping to win both ways that is not leadership in the world stage as leader of the free-world.

Bashing and name calling other-Nations may work in the world as CEO but it backfires as national-Leadership in the international relations because we are not living in this earth alone and we certainly cannot stage ourselves to impose our values onto others, they have clear choices to make for them and we can assist them, to impose anything to anyone is dictatorship. But we can show leadership and shape some events for those who are willing to work with us without compromising our national-security. Yes evil does exist and anyone does harm to American will pay for it and Obama has proven that as fact, no cheap-talks. Romney thinks that he can make everyone to get married, become Christian or Mormon, rich, or just follower of American values; it is not true, it is naïve to think that and that is the recipe for disaster. In America we embrace individual Liberty and that is our core-belief as "We The People", unlike the Communist China and Russia or Corrupt Africa or Extremist Middle-East and Northern Africa or Mobster-Latin America, we have individual freedom and bound by rule-of-law. America is exceptional nation and has unique values that keep it on top of the world and it envy’s the adversaries. Believe me, everyone wants a piece of American Pie, unfortunately the reality is that not everyone can get it.

Studying and my experience in the International Relations, Conflict Resolutions and Conflict Management, the Roman Empire Conflict, Ottoman Empire, Egyptian Empire, Westphalia Peace Agreements, European Civil Was, Revolutionary War Agreement, Civil War Agreement, Vienna Conventions, Berlin Agreement, WWI-League of Nations, WWII-United Nations, Cold Wars Era, War On Terror and to today's Technological Wars and International Relations, Name Calling or Conflicting standings has not helped anyone to effectively avoid catastrophic failures that lead to many conflicts the world has seen. But steady-Leadership has helped to end these conflicts and such leaders emerged victorious.

History is the good measure of the mysterious Romney's positions.  Who is Romney then? He has so many conflicting positions, promises and decisions that make him to need. to be reintroduced to the American people every time and every day. He has proven to say one thing to one group of people and mean something different to another group of people, so long he can conveniently please various segment of the population; and that fails him to be president of all the Americans. Can we trust him with such reckless record? Can we afford his reckless behaviors and desperation to say just about anything to become president? Can he execute decision making process in the WH like corporate Wall-Street firm without considering Main-Street? Is that kind of leader we need now? Don’t we need a leader who can execute decisions for both Main-Street and Wall-Street (All Americans)? You have the choice.

You may hate Obama for taxes reasons but remember that Millionaires in 1920s to 1960s were paying 90% JFK dropped tax rate to about 80%, 1970's we were paying 75% and Reagan dropped to 25% and 2nd term raised them to 35% because it did not work during 1980's recession, in 1990's Clinton raised them to 45%-50%, then 2000's Bush dropped them to 13%-14% and Now Obama want to restore them to Clinton era. Look at Bush's tax-cuts and wars, how did that served you American people? 1920's to 1960's with all WW I & II taxes were high and national debts were very small then, Irresponsible Washington leaders plays you Houdini tactics and mess with your emotions you agree with them.

Tax-cut alone don't grow economy, we went through that during 8 years of Bush 43, and we see and know what we got. Go read all along from our founders, we fought the wars and we had bad times too, ARITHMETIC, it is just don't work for all Americans. It works for the millionaires in the expenses of middle-class. In-spite of the recessions and bad economy, millionaires are just doing fine and will continue to do just fine, but you bailed them out, and now you want to give them more incentives to do the same thing they did to bail them out from the first place. You have to balance the math or you get the equation wrong. Tax-cut with decrease spending shrinks the economy, if that would have worked why Romney is proposing military spending and cutting-tax to the wealthy at the same time? Because he wants spending in the GOP Business Machine, his constituency, who are his biggest donors group, he got to pay-up the ads he is running and the contribution he is getting.

This is a lucrative businessman who won’t take a sketch-deal like that with his own money, but he is gambling with your money, taxpayer-the America people, a copy-cut of Wall-Street that lead 2008 recession/economic meltdown. If it sounds too good to be true it is true. Romney is a very good sells-man and he has proven to be one by selling you all these conflicting positions and you, the American people have fallen for that easily. Desperation is the weakness you don’t want any sells-man to know about you as buyer because he will pitch and capitalize on it as your weakness to exploit you at full-extent. That is what Romney has done for those who are desperate and in patient of Obama think that we can get out of this messy in just 4 years while it was in the making for a decade. That is the wishful thinking and weakness that you have given to the salesman who is exploiting it very well. Go figure.

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