Saturday, October 6, 2012

Obama Got Big Bin Laden As Foreign Policy Strength And Mitt Romney Will Fire Big Bird As Deficit Reduction Plan


Mitt Romney is ready to erase a scion of the American culture, Sesame Street, by cutting PBS aid that represents only 0.005% of the federal budget. He don’t know what PBS is, he has passed a test of saying anything to any given group of people so long he think that is what they want to hear, typical Mitt Romney. Even if he knows what PBS is for millions of American, he doesn’t care. His answer is go get a cable, like as if everyone has a cable. This are small things to him, but he don’t get it that they do matter to millions of us and our families.
I can’t describe how my kids love Sesame Street, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster e.t.c.; and we get very impartial information from the PBS programs. GOP calculation is that to kill impartial media outlets like PBS and expand their propaganda Fox News imbalance machine. Kind of like News Of the World in UK style. How did that work out for them? Wire taping people and corrupting the leaders by twisting stories and of course falsely misdirecting the general public. That is their role model, and they are the sister corporation anyways. It makes me wonder why some people dont see through this supper cooked agenda? Thanks Goodness there are many us out here we can defend Big Bird and PBS to still air in our living rooms and schools.

Are government subsidies to PBS a waste? Or is Tax-Cuts to millionaires after President Clinton’s era are the waste? Ask yourself what is in the minds of GOP and millionaires like Gov. Romney who will spend their personal wealth to selfishly gain for themselves and people like them. There is social welfare and corporate welfare. Corporate welfare is by far the biggest contributor to our national debt compare to social welfare. If you look who is lobbying and influencing or peddling the Washington D.C. for something in return and compare to those who are at the end of the tail in the Main Street for just a boost to get by and manage to live independent life, you will be surprised by the figures. How pathetic GOP politicians are belittling Mains Street and could care less about Wall-Street bail outs, discretionary wasteful spending and all sorts of billions are spent in the form of corporate-welfare? Is this a game? I guess it is to Mitt Romney. The reason Romney and his running mate are for turning Medicare a voucher system program is because corporations see a huge gain of money and they are peddling for them, and they are not for seniors as they claim to be.

Unregulated insurance is the big rig of gambling income because insurance don’t manufacture products and sell, they collect your money and allocate to whomever and whenever they fell they cannot dish out more money than what is coming in. It is that simple. So, rooting for-profit insurance is like desiring to be in the mercy of insurance companies at the time of need. I will rather be in the hands of government than in the mercy of insurance company who sees me a dollar sign and not a patient. People don’t know how good they have got in the Obama care until when they lose it. It is just like Social Security and Medicare, they were very controversial programs at a time, but now very popular. Out grand kids will come laughing at us for matching down the streets against Obama care, just like the way we are  now laughing at those who were against civil rights back in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Medicare is by far the efficient insurance system with little administrative costs, why run it as corporate to maximize administrative cost? So that Romney’s and GOP’s pall can scramble for these new venture profits, typical Bain Capital ways of conducting business. They don’t hate Medicare, it is that they dong get to put their hands of this huge pool of cash and whenever they get an open for that they will try and push harder. You saw Paul Ryan tried hard and took it personal.

They are doing this in the name of anti-big government. Is there anybody here dislikes government and taxes so bad? Go to Congo or Somalia. They don’t have government or taxes. Enjoy life. Gov. Romney and GOP can start leading the journey. They can fool some people sometimes but they cannot full all the people all the time, it is biblical. The notion that “politicians think that if they say something over and over somehow it turns to become truth to some people”, I spoke about it sometimes year or two ago. Mitt Romney picked it up and run with it on the debate. It was funny and I was really surprised, someone from his camp must have read my blog and pick it up

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