Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is Gone, Let’s Get Back To Work and Rebuild

North East we are bracing for the storm and United We Are Standing and stronger. Thanks to you all are wishing us the best.

NYE will open tomorrow and slowly business will resume and Time-Squire will full scaled open. Sorry for the loss of the lives of 40 plus great Americans; the loved one please takes our condolences and prayers.

The wounded, homeless, sick, children, elderly and the most vulnerable, we are here together to foster the strongest family, community and society, because we believe in you-all, the community and the nation that withstand all the odds, America the great and unique. “In God We Trust” indeed, it is possible when we all work as one nation under God. Yes we, we can are and we will. It is a losing bet when anyone one bet-on-Americans, we know it and the world knows about too, yes indeed.

Thanks to the national and local leaders for the material and guidance support; and thanks to the spiritual leader for the prayers and motivation to embrace the better life ahead.

This event, like many national disasters that hit-North-east hard such as 9/11 and Irene, Sandy also signifies the resilience of the American people in working together; because United We Stand we are one nation under God which trusts in God.

The work ahead is enormous and extremely hard. Rebuild the communities, restore services and improve quality of life are the challenges ahead us, but manageable and attainable. We keep our head up, pick-up ourselves and get back to work to rebuild life back to normal again. This will not be the only and or last challenge. We have faith in you all Americans and certainly in God the creator of universe and heaven. God bless you and may God bless the Unite States of America. Amen.  

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