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Gov. Romney Roars At Obama On The October 3rd 2012 Presidential Debate

Obama/Romney Debate, Denver, CO. October 3rd 2012

With my independent lens, like many of Americans who watched the debate last night Gov. Romney was lively and actively pushing for his points with argument and counter argument strategy. While president Obama looked inferior, defenseless and to some points professorial. Sometimes, he has to answer question in a simple and clear cut ways. Gov. Romney did that very often. Gov. Romney gave a lot of opening that President Obama could Crack wide open but he did not do it. Another thing is President Obama did not look comfortable and did little to look up, lifting up his head and live up to the moment defending himself.
Although Gov. Romney’s philosophical difference with President Obama was not as specific as Obama’s, Mr. President failed to go toe-to-toe with Gov.; by itemizing line by line and his tax code, economic growth, role of government, ObaMny Care and Dodd-Frank Wall Street regulations differences. This could even widen more of their ideological and philosophical differences and advantaged to President Obama by wide margin. How about the expansion of military, defense spending?

I was struck that President Obama could not make a case on using effective, precision and less collateral programs like Drones or Stuxnet which cost less than ships and expensive military bidders’ deals designed to benefit most GOP constituency. Instead president, just mentioned only Romney is advocating for more military spending that DOD is not asking for or don’t want. What does that mean to the regular American? Why didn’t president go further and itemize the programs and how he has used them effectively to kill terrorists and carried out covert wars that were collateral less with minimized spending? To my opinion, it is amazing how President Obama became numb and disengaged.

Gov. Romney made so many specific policies that are controversial and sometime ideological that cannot practically met in a bipartisan fashion that automatically he started to champion in this debate, i.e. grow the economy by cutting taxes, creating more jobs and eliminating programs without affecting the middle class. President Obama mentioned only how ineffective Gov.’s policies will be but he did not take his time to itemize and differentiate as he did well on the health care.

Gov. Romney got caught up in the healthcare and could not offer even a single specific that could be an alternative than mentioned already existing programs within the Obama care as his replacement. Clearly, Gov. Romney forgot that this was not primaries constituancy where he can chant to his base “Defeat Obamacare”!!! and been greeted friendly. President did very well to assimilate the Affordable Care Act with healthcare that Gov. Romney passed when he was the MA governor, also known as “ObaMneycare”.

I was also struck by Obama muting on Romney’s claim of creating jobs, growing the economy and cutting taxes without exploding the budget deficit and national debt. Gov. Romney sat there philosophizing this fairy-tale of cutting tax and increasing jobs and Obama let him pass just like that. This is Houdini voodoo economics and Romney knows it well that it will only benefit the rich, as per congressional budget oversight team. On the Romney’s statement that he may be need to look for a new accountant about companies that outsource jobs yet getting US tax credit, Obama could be like “yes!!!!”, because Gov. has finger prints through Bain Capital all over the world map outsourcing and banking in countries other than US. Now Gov. Romney is seeking US presidency and President could charge him to appear not having confidence with American people. That could be a blow-jab on the part of governor.

Definitely we don’t need Mustang V-12 and muscle cars today, what Obama did is venturing Detroit to manufacture more modern cars that sweets the current generation. We know Clint Eastwood would like to see more Grand Torino and Muscle Cars, but that should be left to collectors and not the choice of the future generations. Or, we don’t need unwanted military jets and programs that are prone to more collateral damages. We need unmanned drones, Stuxnet and such technologies to prosper the today’s wars where human have become bombs through suicide bombers. That is the vision that President Obama has lead this nation to and he should defend them line by line because Americans likes itemized and retail politics. Don’t try to wholesale or package it because that will be a losing strategy, no matter how good it is. We are consumer driven nation so as our politics.    

When comes to the economy, I think president Obama said so little while he could use the venue to articulate the GOP blockage from the day one in his office since GOP vitalized defeating him and not to cure the bleeding economy; something that could create more jobs if GOP were supportive instead of bystanders in this nation of all. President dealt with the bleeding economy ignoring GOP defeats and he should feisty defend that courageous act.

On the economy Gov. Romney overstepped President Obama and the debate moderator time and time again; president could resurrected Detroit claims that Gov. Romney was for the housing bubble and advocated to let them collapse that way rich people can buy them at salvage market place and rent or resell them later at high profit. This could implicate the Governor as someone who is always thinking and calculating only dollar sign even if national treasures are at stake. But Governor was very effective to avoid such characterization and he indeed rose to the top.

Mr. President, you need to man up don’t let anyone pass you like that again and you look inferior when you look down and or don’t defend your points with passion. Man up! Defend you points line by line, look up and bold as your spirit. This nation’s leaders always do have passion to defend their policies that keep the American peoples safe and prosperous. American people cannot help you to get there if you don’t man-up and show them that you are up to the job.

GOP has started long time to corner you to the point of no return, they have even used Israel President in some occasions to lecture or corner you. This can be established as patten of describing you. I’m afraid that you are giving them that opportunity. US presidency is not entitled monarchy; it is competitive act of passion.  Passiveness is not qualities of American leadership, baldness and aggressiveness is the one. You will find hard to believe, but American people’s votes and defense to their leaders are earned and feisty defended by their leaders. Be that leader, rise up to the task. Last four years, they have made you the punching bag and defenseless, American people don’t want my president to look or project weak. Prove them wrong in the next debate and you will see numbers going up

Gov. Romney has proven to be resilient, ambitious, determined and competitive indeed. Homeboy has been running for presidency for about 7 years now. That is courageous act on his part. He deserves credibility, although he has gone so far to the right, the process that alienated so many independent people, and yesterday he reaffirmed such position. President Obama balance approach toward national debt is reasonable and doable. But Romney has high jacked other issues to destruct that and he is doing good job so far.

Gov. if you keep this passion, and readjust to more pragmatic thinking and not leaning to the so far right, you will do better. You were authentic and carefully creative to be ideological without seen aggressive or bully. This was your great night. But you are not by any chance the “Severely conservative” candidate as you claimed. You have passed a test that you will say or do anything to become president by preaching to the choir or telling some groups of individuals what they want to hear even if you don’t believe it. Be yourself, and present such authenticity to the American people.

The task is for two of you to earn American people’s votes. Go for it and go at it to. Good luck you all in getting them all or majority of them to get the magic electoral college votes 270. That is the magic of the US constitution. Bold is Gold and very an American. God bless the United States of America.

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